Social Development Department

Work division: to study and put forward policies and measures, medium- and long-term program and annual plan for the development of the municipal social undertakings as well as the coordinated development of economy and society, and to coordinate major issues and policies concerning population, employment, education, culture, health, sports, tourism, civil affairs, social security and community building; to participate in drawing up the reforms and supporting policies in fields as the municipal labor security, income distribution, science and technology, education, culture, sports; to put forward the examination suggestions on construction projects of social undertakings, and to be responsible for project approval, supervision and management; to comprehensively balance the annual plan for the municipal financial construction funds of social undertakings; to be responsible for evaluation and assessment of the level of the municipal overall social development and general conditions of relevant fields’ development; to be responsible for drawing up the municipal practical projects and relevant implementation plans, monitoring and supervision, evaluation etc.; to undertake the daily work of the leadership team office on the municipal health system reform. 

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